iMindMap 11.0

Creates, modifies and updates mind maps
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Create mind maps for brainstorming or general, personal, educational, business and 3D enhanced data management in the special suite. It features multiple templates for different types of tasks structured around the central section with the main idea. Additional branches of the map are added optionally.

Mind maps are a great tool for creating plans, flowcharts, processes, timelines and organize various types of information in a visual manner. This program allows you to create mind maps easily. It has a colorful and intuitive interface which makes it easier to create exactly the type of mind map you need. In the main interface, you can choose between several styles of mind maps, such as radial (round), organizational charts, timelines, traditional mind maps, and more. Once you have chosen the style of chart you want to create, the program will show the central idea so you can add a tag to it according to the style you chose; then you can add new elements to it, A good feature is that you can use different graphic styles for every new element. For example, you can use a notepad-shaped form to add elements of the same type so you can identify and group them easily. Also, the program offers you different themes to add a professional look to your mind maps, such as Business, Educational, and more.

The main drawback I found is the program's price tag. The basic edition costs 100 dollars and has a limited amount of options and elements. There are two more advanced versions, each with more options, but also, more expensive. Nevertheless, if mind maps are an important part of your daily activities, then it may worth its cost. Also, please take keep in mind that you need to create an account to have access to the program.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The interface is very colorful and easy to use
  • The program is very intuitive, so any person can start using it immediately


  • The cost is not very affordable
  • You need to create an account to access the program
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